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IAHR promotes the scientific study of religion assisting the international collaboration of all scholars, member and affiliate societies contributing to the historical, social, and comparative study of religion. It does so by holding congresses and  conferences, by encouraging the publication of Proceedings of such, by way of IAHR related publications like the international journal NVMEN and an IAHR book series, by its Bulletins and e-Bulletins, and by supporting the formation of national and regional associations for the scientific study of religion.

Invitation for Bids for Hosting the IAHR XXIIth Quinquennial World Congress in 2020

At the IAHR business meetings in Erfurt, Germany in August 2015, it was decided and announced that the Secretary General should issue a call to all IAHR members and affiliates regarding bids for hosting the IAHR XXIIth Quinquennial World Congress in 2020.

Consequently, I herewith ask the officers of the IAHR member societies and associations to consider if this might be the time for your society or association, either alone or in cooperation with other members or affiliates, to host an IAHR World Congress.

In case you decide to ponder the matter and maybe even submit a bid, I recommend that you take a close look at the basic framework for running an IAHR World Congress. See: http://www.iahr.dk/congress.php

The IAHR Executive Committee, together with the Erfurt hosts, will soon be collecting and analyzing experiences and evaluations related to the IAHR 2015 World Congress. The results thereof, hopefully, will also prove to be of help to future organizers and hosts. Besides, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Bids must be sent by both email and ordinary mail to the Secretary General of the IAHR, Afe Adogame, History of Religions Department, Princeton Theological Seminary, 64 Mercer Street, P.O. Box 821, Princeton, NJ 08542-0803.
Deadline for bids: May 31st, 2016


Afe Adogame, IAHR Secretary General
Princeton, November 10, 2015


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