Madhu Khanna
Address / Affiliation
Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts
New Delhi
Areas of Specialization
Indic Studies with specialization in Shakta Tantra.
Areas of Interest
  • Indology
  • India specific studies based on Gender and Religion
  • Goddess Traditions and culture in India
  • Ritual Studies
  • Studies on Modernity and Tradition in contemporary India
  • Traditional Ecology
  • Art Iconograhphy and visual culture of Hindu Tantra
  • Feminist Re-readings of Hindu Texts
  • Women's Spirituality
Major Relevant Publications
Madhu Khanna, Hindutva: Questioning the Nature of Discourse? Critical Encuonters between the Ideology of the Hindu State and Traditional Theology, Vol. VI, Durre S. Ahmed (ed), Lahore: Heinrich Boll Foundation (South Asia Office), 2004.
Madhu Khanna, "The Goddess-Woman Equation in Shakta Tantras," in Gendering the Spirit, Women, Religion and the Post Colonial Response, Durre S. Ahmed ed., London: Zed Books, 2002.
Madhu Khanna, "Righteous Violence and Non-Violence: An Inseperable Dyad of Hindu Tradition," in Gendering the Spirit, Women , Religion and the Post-Colonial Response, Durre S. Ahmed ed., London: Zed Books, 2002.
Madhu Khanna, "The Feminine Presence: The Case of Santhal Tribe," in Women in Indian Religions, Arvind Sharma ed., New Delhi / New York: Oxford University Press, 2001.
Madhu Khanna, "Paradigms of Female Sexuality in the Hindu World," in Female Sexuality in South Asia, Women and Religion Vol. IV, Durre S. Ahmed ed., Lahore: Heinrich Boll Foundation (South Asia Office), 2001.
Madhu Khanna, "The Idea of Shakti," in Women / Goddess, Gayatri Sinha ed., New Delhi: Multiple Action Research Group, 1999.
Other Information of Interest
Founded "Narivada : Gender, Culture and Civilization Network" of the IGNCA in 2004 website.
Founding Member and President, Tantra Foundation, New Delhi website.